by Ariel Hill

Intro 01:11
First 04:00
Back To Me 03:48
Drowsy 04:51
Al Lado 01:41
Made Up 04:14
Honeycomb 02:58
Dark Room 03:05



The following items are included with your album download:

-three bonus tracks, including one unreleased song (Meanwhile) that's exclusive to this edition of the record
-unreleased music video for Dark Room, shot and edited on a $25 toy camera that Ariel found on Amazon (photographic evidence included)
-original demos of First, recorded on Ariel's phone
-complete album art, including official back cover with track list
-two earlier versions of the Moonstruck album cover, before the final version came to be
-several high-res photos from the album art photo shoot

A note from Ariel about Moonstruck:

We live in a world full of opposition, an inescapable fact. Every situation is made up of two contradictory perspectives. Pleasure and pain. Expansion and contraction. Or my personal favorite, Feminine and Masculine.

Society has lead us to believe that the feminine and masculine are separate entities associated only with gender. But as these institutions of thought crumble around us, it becomes very obvious that this narrow way of thinking has been a great disservice to us all.

Masculine energy is our drive to do. It stands for assertion. Extraversion. It is the detailed plan, the road to victory. Logic and reason. We need masculine energy to achieve and accomplish.

Feminine energy is the power that comes from within. It is the knowing without knowing how. The intuitive. Inspiration. Absorption. The feminine doesn’t use a road map because it doesn’t operate linearly. Feminine energy is free of structure and confinement. It creates solutions that seem to go against logic and all possibility.

Where masculine is to do the feminine is to be.

We can see very clearly how these two energies have become so unbalanced in our modern world. We have grown accustomed to thinking through a masculine lens so much that the feminine, incapable of being labeled with language or defined by reason, is easily dismissed as powerless, weak, or less than.

The imbalance of these energies forces us to live in a world full of tension, void of release. A world constantly at war, never having peace. A world lacking imagination, living in the same reality we’ve always known, never daring to dream of a new one.

In symbology the feminine is represented by the image of the moon. I have always been in awe of this beautiful figure, a miracle of light admidst an ocean of darkness, struck by its beauty before I even before I knew what it represented.

Contemplating the feminine energy, and wanting to live in a world that embraces it more, I decided to name my album “Moonstruck”. Throughout the creation of this album I embodied this feminine energy for myself, letting the inspiration arrive in various ways, surrendering to the process, creating languidly with no certain expectations.

By releasing this album my intention is simply to put a little more of that feminine energy into a world that seems desperately to need it in this moment. This is my contribution to a future I would like to see. Where Feminine and Masculine energies can meet and work in harmony to create the utopia we all deserve to live in.

-Ariel Hill


released May 12, 2022

Written, performed, and produced by Ariel Hill


all rights reserved



Pitch & Prose Cranston, Rhode Island

Pitch & Prose was an independent record label, recording studio, and artist training ground based in Rhode Island. The label operated from September 2020 through December 2023 and released several albums, EPs and singles from amazing artists all over the world. This bandcamp page remains intact to preserve the label's exceptional discography. Enjoy! ... more

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